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Online Alcohol Seller/Server & Food Safety Certifications

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Online Classroom in association with 360Training and Learn2Serve offers online alcohol 
seller/server training for the purpose of understanding issues of intoxication, drunk 
driving and underage drinking.

  • The primary purpose of alcoholic beverage server training is to mitigate liability during a 
lawsuit involving intoxication by providing evidence of intent on the part of the establishment
that serves and sells alcoholic beverages - a "reasonable-efforts defense." 
  • Secondarily, these courses are considered effective in reducing incidences of 
over-serving patrons to the point of  intoxication, and in preventing sales to minors.

Alcohol -PICK YOUR STATE -- $11.99 - $21.99 
Offered in 42 States plus Washington D.C
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HACCP  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point - $50
A State Of The Art Approach to Food Safety

  • Every operation serving or selling food should have a 
             safety system in place that insures food safety.
  • HACCP is a system comprised of 7 principles that are
              to be applied to a written safety program focusing on
              serving in your operation. 
  • This course aims to teach the importance and use of all 7 principles for 
             greater safety and more effective employee service.

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  • Our Alcohol Seller/Server Certification Class focuses on issues involving responsible practices in selling and serving alcoholic beverages.  
  • The course is approximately four hours in length including the final quiz. Students will receive the appropriate Seller/Server Certificate (printable online) upon completion and passing the exam. 

Sample Courses:

Alcohol Seller/Server  
The course provides all necessary knowledge and techniques needed to be a responsible server of alcohol

You will learn to:

  • accurately check IDs and recognize minors
  • protect yourself and your establishment from liability
  • intervene when it becomes neccessary to limit service
  • recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers
  • prevent patrons from becoming intoxicated
  • prevent & deal with disturbances

H.A.C.C.P. The State-of-the-Art Approach to Food SafetyAll States  
  • The course is approximately five hours in length
  • It will examine precautions and methods to be taken to reduce safety hazards in conjunction with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system)

Recognition of Club Drugs
  • Alert bar and nightclub staff to the warning signs of drug use on property
  • Understand psychological and physiological effects of various drugs
  • Learn signs of addiction

Special emphasis is also placed on: 
  • How various drugs may be smuggled into the establishment for sale and use, 
  • Strategies for cooperating with law enforcement authorities to curb illegal activity. (1.5 Hrs)
  • Recognizing patrons who may be under the influence of drugs 

Identification Screening Basics
  • The course is approximately two and a half hours long and covers the various ways that underage drinkers try to sneak into clubs and bars and strategies to detect fake, altered or borrowed identification. 
  • You'll learn methods that underage drinkers use to sneak into clubs and bars and strategies to detect fake, altered or borrowed identification. 

Alcohol/Food Safety COURSE FEATURES

  • Online classes are totally Interactive using "Flashtechnology
  • Student may Print Certificate of Completion online upon completion
  • Student may log in & out at will from any computer 
  • Self-Paced -  take the final exam up to three times.
  • Bookmark it and resume the class later at your convenience from any computer
  • Customer Support available 24/7 toll free, e-mail or chat

Click here for a list of Alcohol Training  courses and prices by state

Featured California Food Courses

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California Food Handlers Training                                                     2 Hrs        $15
H.A.C.C.P: The State-of-the- Art Approach to Food Safety                    8 Hrs         $50


  • How do I find out if I am certified?

  • You can verify the certification status of any employee at the Employee Inquiry section of the appropriate state alcohol seller-server agency. 
  • There is no minimum age requirement to attend a seller training course, and there are no requirements regarding criminal history.
  • There are no additional requirements to become certified. 
  •  However, your age or criminal history may prevent an employer from hiring you

  • Do bartenders and wait staff have to be certified sellers/servers in order to sell or serve alcoholic beverages?

  • At the present time it is not a requirement, but many employers do require certification for employment. 

  • If I have been through the seller training once, do I have to go again every two years? Or is there a test I can take to become recertified? Is there a different (shorter) course to take for recertification?

  • To maintain certif you must attend the full seller training course every two years. 
  • There is no way to "test out" of the class, and there is not a different, shorter recertification class. 

What are the consequences to the minor if alcohol is served or sold to them?

  • The purchase, attempt to purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor is a  misdemeanor.

  • ​How long is seller training certificate valid?

  • The Seller Training certif is valid for two (2 yrs from the date it is issued.


  • As an employer, what are the advantages of requiring all of my employees to be seller trained?

  • The laws concerning the sale and service to minors and intoxicated customers are covered in the training, as well as techniques for intervention to ensure that sales are not made to minors or intoxicated customers.

  • How do I find out if an employee or prospective employee is certified?

  • You can verify the certif status of any employee at the Employee Inquiry section of the appropriate state alcohol seller-server agency. 

  • What are the consequences to a retailer if alcohol is served or sold to an intoxicated person?

  • The retailer could have its license/permit to sell alcoholic beverages suspended for up 60 days, or even canceled. 
  • If there is evidence that the illegal sale was made to someone involved in a fatal accident, TABC will move for cancellation of the license/permit. 

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Online Alcohol Server & Food Safety Training
Online BASSET Certification Course Illinois' #1 BASSET Certification Provider Our alcohol sellers/server (BASSET certified) course is approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, BASSET License
ALCOHOL Seller Server - FOOD Safety Classes
learn2serve or learn to serve  e- TABC Seller/Server Training
 Online alcohol seller/server classes,. learn2serve , alcohol certification , TABC Certification, , alcohol class seller server certificate alcohol 
sellers/server  (BASSET certified) course  approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission,
Texas TABC Certification Video
Learn to serve alcohol in Texas
Learn2Serve- TABC Seller/Server Training $10.99

  • This course is focused on the issues surrounding responsible practices in selling and serving alcoholic beverages. 
  • This course is NOW ONLY 2 HOURS in length including the final certif quiz. 
  • Upon completion of the entire program and passing the final exam, you will receive your Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Seller/Server Certificate.  

State Approved Texas Food Handler Course –All Counties
  • This online class is a basic review of food safety practices for food employees. 
  • This course is recommended for all industry employees who assist other employees in the implementation of safe handling practices at their establishment. 
  • All students must present their completion certificate to their local health authority & pay the required fees associated with registration at their local authority. 
  • Course fees do not cover the any fees associated with your local health department.
  • If you have any regulatory questions please contact Janiece Attal at (512) 539-2745. 

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TABC Online Alcohol Seller Server Certification Updated Version PLUS 
Texas Food Handlers - All Counties $21.99
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